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Crash Tested And Certified K4 Formidable Strength IP 68 Rating Hydraulic anti parking bollards

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    Buy cheap Crash Tested And Certified K4 Formidable Strength IP 68 Rating Hydraulic anti parking bollards from wholesalers
    Buy cheap Crash Tested And Certified K4 Formidable Strength IP 68 Rating Hydraulic anti parking bollards from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap Crash Tested And Certified K4 Formidable Strength IP 68 Rating Hydraulic anti parking bollards from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap Crash Tested And Certified K4 Formidable Strength IP 68 Rating Hydraulic anti parking bollards from wholesalers

    Crash Tested And Certified K4 Formidable Strength IP 68 Rating Hydraulic anti parking bollards

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    Brand Name : SINOMATIC
    Model Number : SN-BO-219
    Certification : CE/ ISO
    Price : US$399~US$499
    Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, credit card/Cash/Alipay, L/C, D/A, D/P
    Supply Ability : 1000 pcs per month
    Delivery Time : 5-7 working days after payment received
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    Crash Tested And Certified K4 Formidable Strength IP 68 Rating Hydraulic anti parking bollards


    SINOMATIC hydraulic Rising Bollard is an electric-hydraulic-mechanically operated retractable bollard system.The system can be quickly and easily operated. It is suitable for both security and access control applications.

    The system is designed to bring desired environmental and aesthetic enhancements to perimeter security, securing perimeter access without providing a sense of social disorder and active alarm measures. The system is designed to withstand impacts and still operate, giving high security levels to all sites. It is ideal for university campuses, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, government buildings, sports stadiums, amusement parks, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and apartment complexes.

    Working Applications of Automatic Bollards

    Automatic bollards are beneficial in any area where access requirements change over time. For example, some commercial locations may need to retract their bollards during the busiest times of the day but keep them raised when closed. A site may also use bollards to block traffic during a special event, including preventing traffic from entering a designated bus lane.

    Many organizations are increasingly choosing bollards over lift gates. While some lift gates act solely as a visual deterrent, automatic bollards offer a more durable and substantial blockade for areas that need to restrict access. In addition, bollards are becoming more popular in residential driveways because of their many advantages.

    Several specific applications include:

    Parking Lots and Garages

    When parking lots are full, you need a way to close off entrances temporarily. Automatic bollards offer an excellent solution. Automatic bollards are also a helpful addition to private parking lots where employees or residents who have access can lower the bollards on command.

    Automatic bollards work well in these cases because they double as a physical and visual barrier. They can also significantly improve the appearance and aesthetics of locations that use temporary or makeshift roadblocks.

    Public Facilities

    Automatic bollards are also the perfect solution for securing entrances to public facilities from traffic before and after opening hours. For example, a park, zoo or museum can have automatic bollards in place when closed to the public and have the bollards descend into the ground during open hours.

    Bollards also work well in public facilities to separate designated pedestrian spaces from areas allowing vehicle access.

    Business Delivery Zones

    Businesses that accept deliveries may find automatic bollards especially helpful since they can block off parking lot sections to ensure they are clear for delivery trucks. The automatic bollards can be retracted when the shipment arrives so the truck driver can access the delivery zone.

    Bollards with different colors, covers and caps can also help direct delivery drivers toward loading and unloading areas.

    Emergency Access Lanes

    Any facilities with emergency access areas or fire lanes can use retractable bollards to ensure these zones are kept clear at all times in an emergency. These facilities include banks and government buildings that need protection from high-security bollards with the flexibility of retracting them so emergency vehicles can quickly gain access.

    Automatic bollards also work well in the emergency areas of hospitals that designate specific areas for ambulances. Operators can retract the bollards to let vehicles in and raise them to keep traffic out.

    Private Driveways

    Some homeowners employ gates or other security measures to block their driveway from unauthorized traffic. Automatic bollards are a great option to consider for this purpose. You can quickly and conveniently lower the bollards when you’re pulling into or leaving your driveway and then allow them to ascend again to keep uninvited vehicle access off your property.

    Automatic bollards in private driveways also help eliminate vehicle theft. These barriers send a message to thieves that a property is well-protected and decrease the probability of an attempted robbery. Automatic bollards also create a barrier that blocks a thief from driving your car off your driveway.


    1. System:electric-hydraulic system
    2. Max passing pressure: 80T to 120T trucks
    3. Power supply:AC220V 50Hz Integrated(AC110V optional)
    4. Power(w):350W Integrated
    5. Up time:4.5S
    6. Down time:3S
    7. Working temperature:-30℃~75℃
    8. Storage Environment:-10℃~65℃(water-proof, damp-proof,dust-proof)
    9. Material:304 stainless steel
    10. Rising height:600mm standard, Max. can be 1000mm
    11. Bollard Thickness: 6mm standard ( 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm are optional)
    12. Diameter:219mm Standard ( 168mm, 273mm, 324mm are optional)
    13. Structure :With load-bearing steel beam column, anti-collision steel beam column, 4 navigation rod
    14. Integrated electrical mechanism : stroke 600mm, Cylinder outer diameter 60mm, Rod diameter:16mm.
    15. 6k Mirror tube(optional)
    16. LED light (optional)
    17. Reflective sticker: 1 or 2 strips
    18. Link-control interface
    19. In case of a power outage, the bollards can be manually lowered down
    20. IP rate: IP68
    21. Net Weight:60±KG Integrated
    22. In rising and falling,reversible operation is available
    23. Device running noise≤60decibel
    24. Waterproof integrated hydraulic device drive
    25. The hydraulic cylinder is double sealed to ensure a waterproof rating
    26. Hydraulic drive comes with hydraulic lock
    27. PLC programming command control box (chip control box optional)
    28. Solenoid valve voltage 24V
    29. Remote control distance 50m(Based on the environment)
    30. The control box displays text adjustable (Up, Down, Action, Time control is adjustable)
    31. Text display with Chinese and English bilingual langague.
    32. PLC built-in encryption system
    33. Water immersion performance:48 hours without leakage and working well


    Product Name
    Automatic bollards
    304 # Stainless Steel
    Product Dimension
    Ф350 X H800mm
    Bollard Diameter
    219mm (273mm, 324mm)
    Bollard Height
    600mm (800mm, 1000mm)
    Cylinder Thickness
    6mm (8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm)
    Flange Diameter
    Flange Thickness
    Casing underground Depth
    800mm (1100mm)
    Cylinder underground Diameter
    300mm (350mm)
    Movement Principle
    Hydraulic driving
    Bollard Stainless Steel Finish
    stoving varnish
    Refllecting adhensive strip
    3M brand, optional colors, customized Logo
    LED light
    Customized colors
    Type of Use
    Service life
    5 to 10 years
    Operating Temperature

    Automatic bollard features

    High security and anti-collision ability

    Pneumatic air pump in control cabinet could procide large power safely for a long time.

    Electronic control, automatic rise/fall

    High system independence

    Automatic bollard Reflective band

    Various color options for Glossee aveolate reflective band; only need weak light to be clearly visible at night.

    Automatic bollard Materials Available

    304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and carbon steel with electrophoresis spray paint.

    Automatic bollard Flange

    Anti-skid flange with unique some pattern design. Compatible with various road surface styles. Built-in PA orientation.

    Automatic bollard​ Top cap

    Its simple integration design is compatible with all kinds of architectural style. Excellent workmanship is amenable to any close attack.

    Quality Crash Tested And Certified K4 Formidable Strength IP 68 Rating Hydraulic anti parking bollards for sale
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